SUMMARY: Public Domain database for UNIX

From: Clive Haworth (
Date: Wed May 17 1995 - 23:01:48 CDT

Thanks to all that responded:

        Ted Nolan SRI Ft Gordon <> (David Muir Sharnoff)
        David Sammut <>
        ave Fetrow <> (David Blackman) (SangThong)
        Jas (Matthew K) <matt@uts.EDU.AU> (Stefan Jon Silverman) (Michael Pope)
        Darryl Wagoner <>

It seems this subject has been covered before, so apologises, I didn't know.

I ftp'd various suggested packages.

The one I really liked was 'Typhoon'
from Thomas B. Pedersen <>.

This is available from under /pub/Linux/devel/db/typhoon-1.10.tgz

You build the DB using a database description language that understands
C Structures. It doesn't do locking yet but that isn't an issue for me.
There's then a C API. Features include duplicate secondary indices, which
is a must for my particular application. It's much better to use than C-ISAM.

David Muir Sharnoff passed on a useful document of PD UNIX DBs.The latest
version of the document can be ftp'd:

        pub/free-databases from

Lots of people suggested:

Thanks again for this response.

Clive Haworth

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