SUMMARY: quota program hangs during login

From: David Blackman (
Date: Thu May 04 1995 - 17:20:59 CDT

I was having a problem with quota hanging during login:
> During login to the SPARCstation 20 (Solaris 2.4, Jumbo patch
> 101945-23), the quota program hangs for 30-60 seconds. It may be
> trying to check quotas on (4.1.3) NFS mounted file systems since most
> users' home directories are back on their workstations. quotas are not
> enabled on the SPARCstation 20. quota also hangs if you run it once
> you are logged in.

The solution is to disable the quota program during login (if you
aren't using quotas). Several methods were given:

1. Comment out the calls to quota from /etc/.login and /etc/profile.

2. Mount all filesystems that aren't under quota control with the
    noquota option.

3. mv quota quota.real; link quota to /bin/true.

Also, verify you aren't getting NFS timeouts (NFS server ... not
responding in /var/adm/messages).

Thanks to:
Ted Nolan SRI Ft Gordon <>
David Lee <> (Eric William Burger) (Steve Dickson)
Tom Mornini <>
Nate Itkin <>
Casper Dik <casper@Holland.Sun.COM>

David Blackman
(215) 572-1141

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