SUMMARY: CPU check question

From: Aline H. Runde - MicroModule Systems (
Date: Fri May 05 1995 - 05:45:20 CDT

Thanks so much to all who reply. I forgot to mention that I'm running
SunOS V4.1.3
Endre Polgar and Glenn Satchell sent me the exact command that I wanted
which is :

ok> module-info

And if you're running Solaris 2.x, try:

from (Kevin Sheehan)
from x092306@hyperion.LANL.GOV (Jerry Weber CIC-2)
from (Josh Personius)
% /usr/sbin/prtconf
% /usr/sbin/sysdef
% /usr/sbin/psrinfo


Original question:

> Dear Sun Managers,
> Is there a way to check all the information about CPU from the monitor
> command on an SS10? Looks to me it checked everything else except CPU.
> I scanned thru the answerbook but can't find anything. Please help me
> what to look for.
> I did have sysinfo installed, but I would like to check from the monitor
> command after I upgaded to a new M-Bus module.
> I will summarize if there is enough interest.
> Thanks, Aline...

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