SUMMARY: CANON BJC 800 printer question

From: Andras Szeman (
Date: Tue May 02 1995 - 21:16:44 CDT

Thanks to
      Don Molaro
      Endre Polgar (Mr.)
 for their answers!
  In several answers it was suggested to use ghostscript. A have a 2.6.1pl4
version of ghostcript. It really knows a wide variety of printers. It
supports the folllowing Canons: BJ10e BJ200 LBP-8II, but I'm afraid that
none of that drivers can produce a nice color printing on a BJC 800.
I'll try to find a newer version of GS.
  Another suggestion was NeWSprint which is a commecional product. We
have an older version (2.0) and that can handle a lot of printers and
plotters, but Canon is not among them.
  Some other filters an image processing products were mentioned. I created a brief listing of them below.

Thanks again!

Image processing and conversion tools:
hp2xx from
 I have a version of 3.1.4 . It's manpage says:
 Currently supported:
 mode = "mf" (Metafont), "em" (emTeX \special{} commands), "epic"
 (line drawing using TeX macros within epic.sty), "eps" (PostScript),
 "pcl" (HP-PCL Level 3 format (suitable for printing on a HP Laserjet II,
 DeskJet, or compatible printer), "img" (GEMs IMG format), "pbm" (Portable
 Bit Map), or "pcx" (PC-Paintbrush format, also accepted by
 MS-Paintbrush / Windows 3.0 and many other PC based pixel renderers)

hpgl2ps from in /pub/X11/contrib/pbmplus10dec91.tar.Z.
IM Raster Toolkit, by Alan Paeth (
Utah RLE Toolkit.
Fuzzy Pixmap Manipulation, by Michael Mauldin <>.,
Img Software Set, by Paul Raveling <>, and
Xim, by Philip R. Thompson.
    available via ftp from It uses
xloadimage, by Jim Frost <>.*, and in your nearest comp.sources.x
TIFF Software, by Sam Leffler <>.*.tar.Z
ALV, a Sun-specific image toolkit.
    Version 2.0.6 posted to comp.sources.sun on 11dec89.
    Also available via email to
popi, an image manipulation language. Version 2.1 posted to
    comp.sources.misc on 12dec89.
     FTP as*.
LaboImage, a SunView-based image processing and analysis package.
     FTP as
The San Diego Supercomputer Center Image Tools
     FTP in

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