SUMMARY: Damaged File System...

From: Bruce W. Pinn (bwp@FundSERV.COM)
Date: Sat Apr 29 1995 - 00:40:08 CDT

It took me a week to summarize but here goes....

The basic gist of my original posting was to describe a problem we're having
with our SparcCentre 2000. Everytime it crashes the / and /usr file
partitions are damaged forcing us to boot up on another drive to manually
fix the file partitions.

I want to thank those who responded. We haven't been able to solve our
problem yet, but the suggestions received were quite interesting. Thank you

As for the suggestions:
wrote stating that he experiences occassional crashes on a SparcCentre
with a configuration similar to ours; however, normally his machine
recovers cleanly. He suggested that we try encapsulating our boot disk.
asked if we (I?) had screwed up the disk partitioning by setting up
overlapping cylinders on my boot drive's partition table. Good idea, but
gave me a refresher course on unreferenced i-nodes and how they're
handled by fsck. His explanation follows. However, one thing that he
forgot to mention was that when running fsck manually, one must answer
"N" when asked to clear the i-node. Otherwise, the unreferenced file won't
land in lost+found. Instead, it will be removed.
>> That is kind of the definition of an unreferenced file - an inode with
>> no corresponding directory entry. That's what lost+found is for, you
>> should find a file with the number of the inode as the name.

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