SUMMARY: Sol 2.3 patch 101318-70

From: Jack Reiner (
Date: Fri Apr 28 1995 - 23:52:46 CDT

Original question:

>Hi Gang!
>SunSupport has recommended to me to install Solaris 2.3 kernal patch 101318-70
>to fix a SCSI timeout problem.
>What is the general consensus about rev. 70?
>Is it stable?
>Good news or horror stories?

All 11 replies indicated that Solaris 2.3 jumbo kernal patch 101318-70
seems to be stable.

Of special note is the following caution from one user:
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     101318-70 changes the behavior of "su -" which caused a lot of
     grief at two sites I take care of. Stupid thing to include with
     a "kernel jumbo patch" IMHO.
     In any case, what "su -" does now is make argv[0] = "-su", so you
     can detect it in .profile (for example) and bypass tty settings.
     As of -70, argv[0] = "-csh" (or -ksh, or..., depending on the
     login shell for the account being "su -" too), making "su -" truly
     indistinguishable from login in the name of Solaris 2.2 compatibility.
     Sigh - Makes 2.3 su different from previous 2.3 behavior, and
     different from current 2.4 behavior also.
     Out side of that annoyance, its been a pretty decent patch,
     * * * * * *

I am just installing 318-70 on my desktop 1+ later this afternoon, and
will not install 318-70 on the production machine with the SCSI problem
until after a few more days.

In addition, two of the replies mentioned patch 101378-10 for the SCSI
problem, which was the other patch SUNSupport recommended. It is just
the jumbo kernal patch that I have learned to be paranoid about.

Furthermore, one reply mentioned 102110 for (no longer
included in the jumbo kernal patch - this is documented in the patch readme).

Thanks to:
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  anchi@Starbase.NeoSoft.COM (Anchi Zhang) (Mike Phillips 3788)
   (Garry Robbins)
   (Scott MacDonald)
        (Rahul Roy) (Eugene Choi)
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