SUMMARY: external or internal disk install

From: Jim Coate (
Date: Fri Apr 28 1995 - 07:48:53 CDT

Original question: I wanted to know if I should install high capacity drives
(1-2 gig) in sparc1 and sparc2 systems internally or externally, with the main
concern being heat generation.

THANK YOU for all your most helpful replies. Replies were prompt and well
thought out.

In summary:

- Most people recommended installing only 1 high capacity drive in the sparc1
  systems. Do not exceed 20 watts consumption for drive power in a sparc1. This
  is well under the rating for most high capacity drives.

- A sparc2 has much better ventilation and 30 watts max is ok. This allows for
  the installation of 2 high capacity drives.

- Recommended drives: Fujitsu 2694esa(1g), Fujitsu 500meg (no p/n), Seagate
  st11200, st2430n, st31200n, st31230n and Quantum 540meg/1.08g (no p/n). These
  are drives that people have recommended in the replies and is obviously not
  intended to be a complete list of all drives fit for internal installation.

- Drives to avoid: All drives that run at 7200 rpm (thanks Syed Zaeem Hosain).
  These drives are exceptionally fast, but dissipate too much heat for internal

- Recommended suppliers: R Squared (303-799-9292), Insight Direct (800-488-0006)
  and National Peripherals (708-325-4151). Again, this is not intended to be a
  complete list, but is information I gained from the replies. I am in no way
  assiociated with these suppliers.

Thanks again.

Jim Coate
Systems Administrator 303-252-2114
Auto-trol Technology
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