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Date: Fri Apr 21 1995 - 14:53:29 CDT

Thanks everyone,

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Hello gurus,

I am trying to run a software that requires Motif libraries to work.
This software is called MapInfo version 3.

I try to run it on a SS20 model 61 with Solaris 2.4 that uses
Openlook as window manager.

My question is where can I get the binaries for Motif or the source
for it?

Thanks in advance! :->

The motif _libraries_ are bundled. If they were installed then they would be
in /usr/dt. Try setting your LD_LIBRARY_PATH to include that directory.
Note that mwm is not included with Solaris 2.4.
Glenn Satchell

Get the SDK, Software Developers Kit, it contains the Motif libraries.

For $100 (end-user) you can get a good CDROM full, supported, from
Integrated Computer Solutions in Cambridge, MA. 617-621-0060; Then you don't have to compile, you get docs, etc.
Worked well for me.
John Rosenberg

You can't get source unless u have lots of money!
You need to purchase motif , we use IXI's .
To link in programs you will need a copy of the development kit, which is
more expensive but you only need it on the system doing the linking

Slowlaris 2.x ( x>3 ) appears to have the motif libs already but you need
the SDK to get mwm itself.
Bill Reed

You'd need to buy this as a seperate product Marc. IXI sell motif for
many machines, as do other vendors.

I think you can buy a source license from someone buy this costs real

You can't ftp it: it's commercial software, you have to pay for it. Try

Nico Garcia

Motif is commercial software. I think OSF will sell it to you -- there
might be others. You may want to ask the vendor to give you a version
of the program that is statically linked to the Motif libs so that you
don't have to buy them.
Lenny Turetsky

The motif runtime libraries, and an executable called xmbind should be in
the /usr/dt/lib and /usr/dt/bin directories.

If you dont have it in there you may need to install SUNWmfrun from the
Solaris CD.

You probably need to set your LD_LIBRARY_PATH to include /usr/dt/lib
Michael Ramchand Owner

My problem has originated from the installation of Solaris 2.4 on
a Voyager. For disk space consideration, I have installed only
the "end user" pack of Solaris 2.4. Of course, the Motif libraries
were not included.

Promised I will not do the same mistake again as I will not buy
the sources for Motif ($$$)

Thanks again! :->

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