SUMMARY: Motif/X11R5 on SunOS 4.1.3_U1 help needed

From: Marc Gibian (
Date: Thu Apr 20 1995 - 01:32:09 CDT

Original problem description:

>> I ran across an interesting "problem" yesterday and after extensive
>> investigation using the standard sources I still have no answer...
>> We are setting up our application to run in a "captive" account. One
>> of the elements of doing this is limiting the options available on the
>> Motif window menu decoration attached to our application's windows. I
>> have successfully setup the desired window menu in our .mwmrc file(s),
>> but have determined that a double-click of mouse-button1 causes the
>> application to be terminated. This raises a few questions:
>> 1. How do I inhibit this behavior? I tried using the button bindings
>> portion of the .mwmrc file with no success.
>> 2. What exactly does the application recieve on this double-click? For
>> some reason the main application process/window is crashing on this
>> user action rather than either shutting down normally or ignoring it?
>> Thanks for any help or pointers... I can not use news, so if you
>> provide a pointer, please make sure it is either a mailing list or
>> something I can view via Mosaic/WWW (and no, I can't use news via
>> Mosaic as it still requires the local news service that is not
>> available here)

I have only a partial solution at this time. I have added code to set
the XmNdeleteResponse resource in the vendor_shell object to the value
XmDO_NOTHING. This does exactly what I want, but since it is a
programatic solution, it only works for those parts of my group's
product for which we have the source code and complete control of the
windowing environment. Since this is not the case for many of the
windows comprising our product (we have some c-scape windows and some
xterm windows), I would really like a resource settable in the
.Xdefaults or .mwmrc files if anyone can supply the details. I should
add that the documentation on the XmNdeleteResponse resource stated
that this resource is not over-ridable, which I understand to mean
that it can not be set from the .Xdefaults file.(?)

The first suggestions were to setup a callback via the
XmAddWMProtocolCallback() and related functions or to set the
XmNmwmFunctions resource.

One person indicated there is a resource for Mwm to disable the
undesired behavior, but so far has been unable to supply the
resource's name.

I also would still love to find a Motif mailing list if anyone knows
of one.

Thanks everyone...

Marc S. Gibian
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