SUMMARY: NIS+: How to GET the ownership of an entry?

From: Gyula Szokoly (
Date: Thu Apr 13 1995 - 18:09:11 CDT

> I've already spent about 4 hourst RTFM on this, and could not come
>up with a solution. What I want is apparently easy. I want to
>GET the owner of a NIS+ table ENTRY. I know how to set it, but
>I could not figure out the opposite.
> Background: I set up my NIS+ maps under Solaris 2.1 and at that
>time some of the ownerships was not set correctly in passwd.org_dir
>and cred.org_dir. Now I'm at 2.3, and I want to clean up the
>whole NIS+ (during previous upgrades I just copied over the /var/nis

  The solution came from

        niscat -o '[name=person],passwd.org_dir'

  It not only solved my problem, but also exploited some other problems
put in by early release of admintool et. al.


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