From: John Ciesla (jcsadmin!
Date: Thu Apr 13 1995 - 04:04:16 CDT

>I was able to get satan and perl5 to compile and install on
>solaris 2.3 SUN without any problems, however, when I run the
>program it does not seem to scan what I select in the
>entry. As a matter of fact I doubt if it's scanning at all.
>The question is: Do I need to have a database set up before I
>Second question is, I downloaded the foo database, how do I get
>rid of it?

Thanks for everyones input---

We had a problem with a old version of netscape after the new version was installed everthing worked fine.
        from rnapholz@PICA.ARMY.MIL
Phil Hubbard said to make sure I run as root.
Juergen Peus
sent the command line arguments which was a real help!
Enters interactive mode when no target host is specified.

-a attack level (0=light, 1=normal, 2=heavy, default 2)
-A proximity descent (default 1)
-c list change variables (list format: "name=value; name=value; ...")
-d database data directory (default satan-data)
-i ignore existing results
-l proximity maximal proximity level (default 0)
-o list scan only these (default '')
-O list stay away from these (default '')
-s expand primary hosts to subnets
-S status_file pathname with scanning status file (default status_file)
-t level timeout (0 = short, 1 = medium, 2 = long, default 1)
-u running from an untrusted host (for rsh/nfs tests)
-U running from a trusted host (for rsh/nfs tests)
-v turn on debugging output
-V print version number
-z when attack level becomes negative, continue at level 0

Select "SATAN Date Management" and create a new database by choosing a name
and then pressing the Button "Open or create".
Dave falk says if I'm running NIS I will need to recompile.
Amy Hollander wanted to know where to get Satan from:


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