SUMMARY: Prestoserver SBus and Sol 2.4

Date: Thu Apr 13 1995 - 20:41:52 CDT

Thanks to all who replied:

Jackie Carlson
John Justin Hough
Bruce Cheng
Kerry O'Bryhim
Cindy Yoho

My origianl post was:
> Folks --
> I am going to move an unused Prestoserve SBus board to a SS1 file server
> that could really use it. However, the only drivers I have are for 4.1.2,
> and the new SS1 is running Sol 2.4. SunExpress isn't quite sure what to
> sell me - does anyone know what part number to order, or if it is
> available on some ftp site? Legato turned this product over to Sun, so
> they don't have it.
> Thanks.

The answer is that the driver is available on CDROM from Sun. The current
version is 2.4.1 and requires patch #101714 for Solaris 2.4.


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