SUMMARY: Mosaic for Solaris 2.x

From: Phil Hubbard x6177 (
Date: Sat Apr 08 1995 - 02:53:50 CDT

Summary of my original message: While ftp-ing Mosaic for SunOS 4.1.x, I
came across a README which indicated that Mosaic would have serious
problems and might not work at all for Solaris 2.x. Knowing that I'd
have to install Mosaic on some Solaris boxes soon, this worried me; any
advice appreciated, etc.

I later sent a "never mind" message when I found out from a co-worker what
the "problem" was. Meanwhile, Ted Nolan, Leonard Sitongia, and Russ Bebb
had also sent me e-mail to point me in the right direction. So, for anyone
else out there who is as WWW-knowledge-challenged as I am :), here's the

> From Thu Apr 6 20:45:44 1995
> The message is old and erroneous. At one time (Solaris 2.2?) the Mosaic
> binary was withdrawn for bugs, but it has since come back, and the REAME
> lingers on in some places., where I got it from...

> You can get Mosaic for Solaris from [...]
> [in] /Web/Mosaic/Unix/binaries/[2.5, 2.6b].

Several other nice reponses: "mine works great so don't give up", "mine works,
you're welcome to it", "don't even bother, Netscape is better, use it instead".

Finally, Laura Taylor pointed me in a different direction:

> From Fri Apr 7 10:26:13 1995
> Why don't you use the web-browser called "hotjava" for Solaris? [It's
> [free, works well, and is faster than Mosaic]. To find out about it
> read:

Hmmm...Hadn't heard of that one...I'll have to check it out...

Thanks again to everyone who responded!

Ted Nolan SRI Ft Gordon <>
Paul Caskey <> (Bob Muncie) (Russ Bebb)
Gene Loriot (
Leonard Sitongia <>
Laura Taylor <>

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