SUMMARY: Perl 5.000 and Perl 5.001

From: David J. Nelson (
Date: Thu Apr 06 1995 - 18:48:37 CDT

I originally asked if anyone had the binary for Perl 5.000 and Perl 5.001
because I was having a nasty time getting it to compile on SunOS4.1.3_U1.

The solution is to change one of the lines of code in the x2p/walk.c
file. When you try to compile walk.c (using cc at least), you get a
redeclaration error. The prototype for emit_split at the top of the
program declares the function as a static void, but on line 1611, the
function is declared to be only void.

Change line 1611 and make the function read static void. Then, remake
the Perl and it should compile cleanly after that!

Many thanks to everyone that replied (they are too numerous to put here)!!

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