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Date: Thu Mar 30 1995 - 16:18:21 CST

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I have a machine getting the error not found

all during bootup. From what I can gather, the files


all got moved to different names. I rebooted into miniunix, mounted the
usr partition and moved the files back into place but still get the errors.

After that didnt work, I booted from tape and extracted the above files
and placed them on the hard drive and rebooted with no success. However,
/usr/etc/ doesnt exist on the boot tape. Any idea of how to find
this file or create it?

Also, after the network daemons are loaded, it displays

Mar 28, 1995 15:12:32 init '/usr/etc/getty sdt.9600 console' failing, sleeping

over and over and over...

This is on a sparc 2 running sunOS 4.1.1. Any idea on how I can get this
thing back up and running? Any hints, flames, rtfms will be accepted...:>

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        After trying to get backup files from the original system tapes
with no luck, I had to resort to our backups. We use budtools to backup over
the network, so I simply loaded all the files that I thought had been moved
to another machine on the network. From that machine I dumped those files to
tape, booted up the problematic Sparc 2 and used the newly made tape to restore
those files. This solved the problem (thank God). After that it was a matter
of yanking the hood off and shaking one of the internal Quantum drives to get
it unstuck :-)

Thanks to (so far):

Stephen Hauskins (sunlist@mendel.UCSU.EDU) -who informed me of how to
                rebuild the libraries. I will eventually have to do this
                because of a product we use which wants the newer libs which
                is what caused this mess to begin with 8^>

Greg Harrison


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