SUMMARY: NIS password problem

From: Ed Arnold (
Date: Wed Mar 22 1995 - 22:46:27 CST

Recently I posted a query about a user who was attempting to change
a NIS password, and was getting an error message back saying that the
password could not be changed, and something like
"RPC: server can't decode arguments".

Several of you pointed out exactly what the problem was in this case:
the user in question had a ':' in their password (before encoding).
As soon as I removed the password and ran "passwd" on their account
with a new colon-less password, things worked fine.

Thanks to the following persons for responding:

Kai Grossjohann <> (bl0312300-steve.scott(HOE403)777)
greg harrison <>
Dan Stromberg - OAC-CSG <>
"Christopher A. Stewart" <>

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