SUMMARY - Solaris 2.4 x86 network installation via Sparc Solaris 2.4

Date: Wed Mar 15 1995 - 19:13:26 CST

My original message is

>Dear Sun gurus,

<I have trouble in installing Solaris 2.4 x86 on the PC Compaq with
<Etherlink 16 bit card 3C503 using the SparcStation 2 as the install server.
<The SparcStation 2 is running Solaris 2.4. The PC and Sparc are on the
<same subnet.

<When the PC boots from the network, it proceeded until a boot \kernel\unix
<heading and the Solaris 2.4 banner appears then it stops. Apparently, it
<tried to load the small vmunix from the install server but there is no
<response from the install server.

<Any ideas of what is happening ?. Do I need any patches ?.

<Thanks in advance

I got two replies (one me-too).

Roger Graham of said that I need 24M RAM and a
Qvision Display card. But the manual said I can use Solaris2.4 with 16MB.

I finally found the CD-ROM drive I need and install Solaris2.4 successfully.

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