Summary: Enable NIS under HPUX so it'll work with Solaris 2.4 NIS+

From: Tom Bueschgens (
Date: Tue Mar 14 1995 - 13:54:18 CST

Ok, guys and girls!

After dumping some glasses of wine I'm wuite in the mood of writing
this summary (or call it quick-howto).

First thing to do is to set up your Suns properly with NIS+. I did it
just this way:

Install them using DNS and add the NIS+-stuff using the
NISQUICKSTART-document in the answerbook! Just print it, only
something like 50 pages or so! Remember to install it in
YP-Compat-mode, ok?

After I got NIS+ up and running on our Suns I just did the following
on our HPs:

domainname ''.


Yep, that's it (almost). using ypcat passwd should reveal something
like the passwd from the nisserver right now!

But: the damned stuff won't work? Help is on its way!

First delete ALL users you want to use NIS/NIS+ on your HPs from the
/etc/passwd and then add a


to your /etc/passwd, so the nispasswd gets sucked into your HP.

Confirm the success with finger <someuser>, it should work!

Now for the tricky part:

Our HPs here in the lab were set up for shadow-passwds, so in
/.secure/etc/passwd still ALL the passwords were stored. As long as
THIS file exists, the HP-login program trys to use the stored
passwords, not the NIS-info!

so just copy the root-passwd (and every other passwd you want to stay
local) into the /etc/passwd an move the /.secure/etc/passwd to some
secure place.

Be sure to allow read-access for nobody for your nispasswd (that's the
drawback, admitted) and try from another box to telnet into the HP,
should work right now!

Perhaps you have to fiddle around with


to get it working properly after reboots (take care ofthe automounter,
hint hint...!), but looking back that was the major hassle!

Feel free to email me in case of problems/question, I'll do my best to
help you!!

(perhaps someone should add this to the hpux-FAQ!!)

Best Regards,

PS: If everyone still says that NIS+ s*cks, so please direct me to
another way how to update passwds and similar stuff in a heterogene
network, any thoughts are welcome!

 Thomas Bueschgens
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