SUMMARY: Solaris 2.4 -> AIX 3.2.5 Printing

From: Tim Evans (
Date: Fri Mar 10 1995 - 06:36:07 CST

Earlier, I wrote:

>I'm attempting to get a Solaris 2.4 system to print to a remote
>printer on an IBM RS/6000 running AIX 3.2.5. AIX purports to support
>lpd-style printing, so the Solaris system is set up to use a
>"BSD" type remote print server. lpstat, however, reports that the
>remote printer has "faulted" and, of course, nothing prints.
>Anyone done this successfully?

Mario Dupuis <> reminded me that AIX
doesn't run lpd by default and that it has to be enabled. In
addition, AIX wants /etc/hosts.lpd to be populated with the hostnames
of lpd clients. In our case, both of these had already been set
up properly.

It turns out that our problem was more basic: The NIS server
to which the Solaris client had been bound was confused. As
a result, any network access to the AIX print server (telnet,
ping, and, of course, lpd) was extremely slow while the
Solaris client made its way through the choices in /etc/nsswitch.conf
and finally resolved the AIX server's hostname. Since lpstat
couldn't contact the print server, it reported the server's
printer as having "faulted."

Recreating the confused NIS slave server and rebooting it cleared
up the underlying network problems, and the Solaris client is
happy now.

My experience with AIX's TCP/IP is that it really likes fully
qualified hostnames in NIS hosts and netgroups maps.

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