Re: SUMMARY: Serial port > 38400 hack

From: Iain Hibbert (
Date: Sun Mar 05 1995 - 09:44:13 CST

Charles <> writes:
> Where can you get a Magma card for $275? The cheapest I've seen
> the dumb 4 port card for is $395 and the 4 port DMA, $625.

  Has anybody ever designed a DIY serial board kit for SBus? it seems
to me, that the older Sun's are getting to a price where they are
available for enthusiasts to use.. the UART chips that PC's use are
rather cheaper all the time, and AFAIK they contain nearly all the
logic required to convert from data input to serial output, does
nobody have the technical ability and incentive to combine the two?

  Are the SBus interface specifications publicly available?


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