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Date: Wed Mar 08 1995 - 22:27:12 CST

Here is a question I posted:

With the command 'hostname' should I set only the machine name like:
   hostname earth
or the complete domain name like:
   hostname earth.IRCM.UMontreal.CA

Thank you to all that replied:

David Zhu (
Kevin (
James Mularadelis (
Jerry Springer (
Elaine (
Murphy (

They all suggested basically to set the hostname to just the machine name (the short form).
Of course the domainname is set with /etc/defaultdomain, but it depends also on the configuration of
NIS+ and DNS.

After checking with the mail administrator of my domain at the University of Montreal from which we
are a subnet, I had to set the names of my stations to the fully qualified domain name (the long

This insure proper headers (return path) for the mail coming from any station of my network. It is
also a good idea security wise to have the full name. It is harder for outside station to
impersonnate another station.

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