SUMMARY: ghostscript error

From: Ed Baxter (
Date: Sat Mar 04 1995 - 00:36:06 CST

All of the responses have been the same...check if was used in
the makefile, and it was. BUT I did find my problem. A software package
we have on the network has a copy of ghostscript in it's installation
tree, and this copy was getting called up everytime. When I invoke
ghostscript with "./gs" then it works.

Thanks for the replies: (relative????) (Brett Lymn) (Roberto Dominijanni)

Original Question:

> Sun-managers,
> Since ghostscript is often recommended by various sun managers I
> thought I would run this by you all.
> I have just compiled ghostcript and ghostview on our sun O/S 4.1.3_u1
> network with minimal problems. Now when I invoke ghostview and pick a
> file to view I get the following error.
> unknown device: x11
> has anyone else had this problem? Above all, how do I fix it.
> Ed Baxter
> Praegitzer Design

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