SUMMARY: Solaris to CMS3270

From: Jackie Rosinsky (
Date: Fri Mar 03 1995 - 21:29:12 CST

Here is my original question:
   I am looking for a package that will enable us to talk from
   Solaris to CMS 3270. If anyone knows of a package or has
   any experience trying to communicate with that protocol
   please let me know. I would really appreciate any responses.
I would like to thank Don Lenamond for his response
        If it is standard 3270 emulation, try the Sunlink 3270 product.
        There is also a Peer-to-Peer 3270 product, but it is spendy...
We have ordered SunLink BSC 3270 and will begin testing it as soon as
it arrives.
Also, I had a problem with my mail so sorry for the late SUMMARY and
sorry if I miss thanking someone.

Jackie Rosinsky

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