SUMMARY: SunNet X.25 7.0 on SS20 Solaris 1.1.1B? A/B port?

From: Ted Nolan SRI Ft Gordon (
Date: Wed Mar 01 1995 - 14:50:40 CST

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>Hello folks,
>We took a Sparcstation 2 running 4.1.2 and SunNet X.25 7.0
>out of service and replaced it with an SS20 running Solaris 1.1.1B (4.1.3U1,
>I believe is the SunOs nomenclature).
>I've got a couple of questions.
>First, if I just reinstalled the SunNet X.25 7.0 on the SS20, will that work?
>The install seemed to to OK, but I just got a call from the place where they
>took the system that it's not coming up on the X.25 link.
>Second, can I run the X.25 link directly to the A/B port, or do I need
>the cable that splits it into A and B ports. Looking at the pinouts for
>the A/B port seemed to say that all of the RS232 signals, including the
>clock signals for sync operation were available on the right pins for A
>port operation without a splitter..
> Thanks,
> Ted Nolan

Sorry folks,

Right after I sent this, I found out that the basic setup
definitely does work. If they bring it up manually, it connects
fine, so I suspect there's something wrong (perhaps a timing problem,
since the ss20 is much faster than the ss2) in one of our magical
startup scripts that query some of the special user defined X.25
features on this net and then rejigger the X25 paramater files.

So thanks in advance for all the replies I'm going to get,
and sorry for bothering the net so soon in the process.

                        Ted Nolan

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