SUMMARY: Monthly machine/network performance stats/reports

From: Shan (
Date: Tue Feb 28 1995 - 12:33:09 CST

There were basically 3 answers (one of which was from a vendor) and a lot of
requests for summary.

From: Mary Lou Hinman <maryh@cea.Berkeley.EDU>

Try a fairly cheap tool from Andataco called ASAP. It provides
some graphs (day, week, month) of load, cpu usage, disk usage,
disk IO, paging, swaping. It does not provide # of users, uptime
or network statistics.

From: (Scott Miller)

I am currently using a product called "SharpShooter" from
AIM Technology. It is an NFS performance monitor and
pretty good sniffer. It supports SunOS 4.1.x thru Solaris
2.x. It will give you more reports and stats than
anyone would ever use, exports to Lotus, Excel, prints
to lp or ps, has graphical output to printer, file, or
screen. It is a VERY good product. We are using it to
justify a very large NFS server upgrade and are very
impressed with the product.


The following information is on PDC's products DISKINFO which is a
software package that monitors UNIX networks. I also have information
on a new Landmark product called TMON which provides comprehensive
performance metrics at the system, process, user, and resouce level.




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