SUMMARY: tar: file name too lon

From: Fausto Almeida (
Date: Fri Feb 24 1995 - 06:22:50 CST


Thank you to all that responded. I was able to move my users home dirs without
any further problem!

Here's my original post:
> Today I was planing to move my users home directories to another machine in the
> network. After mounting the destination filesystem I gave the comand:
> poirot{root}53: cd /usr/users/docentes; tar cf - . | (cd /disco3/docentes; tar xfBp -)
> /usr/users/docentes
> /disco3/docentes
> tar: ./dcaseiro/mac/Network Trash Folder/Trash Can #2/tfc/Apresenta:8d:8bo/More Drawings/.finderinfo/Draw1: file name too long
> tar: ./dcaseiro/mac/Network Trash Folder/Trash Can #2/tfc/Apresenta:8d:8bo/More Drawings/.finderinfo/Draw2: file name too long
> tar: ./dcaseiro/mac/Network Trash Folder/Trash Can #2/tfc/Apresenta:8d:8bo/More Drawings/.finderinfo/Draw3: file name too long
> .
> .
> .
> and so on......

Apparently this is a know bug in sunOS 4.1.x and Patch 101327 should fix it. It
is supposed to have disapeered in Solaris 2.x.

Most people recomended me gtar which is an improved version of tar by gnu.

And the use of dump/restore.
dump 0f - /usr/users/docentes|(cd /disco3; restore -rf -)

Others recomended cpio because it allows a longer pathname length
(128) than tar (100). And GNU cpio which should be better.

And bar.

And Pax (in /usr/5bin).

And rdist.
rdist -c /usr/users/docentes <hostname>:/disco3/docentes > /tmp/rdist.log

I choosed to use gtar, which was sent as an attachment by John Louie, and it
worked just fine. I guess dump should work even better in general since it
replicates the inode tree and isn't dependent on path (so no pathname limit
like tar).

Many thanks to those who replied (I hope I didn't forget anybody):

 Neil Greene <>
"Ashwin P. Rao" <> (Yehuda Bamnolker)
 Udo Linauer <> (Lykakis Janis) (Dijkhoff Ad) (Martin Achilli) (Derek Fraser)
"Endre Polgar Technical Support Engineer ICON Ltd." <> (Zenon Dewicki ph3580)
 Pell Emanuelsson <>
 "David R. Smith" <>
 "Daniel E. Zegarac" <>
 "B C Hamshere" <> (Steven C. Young)
 Gene Rackow <> (Derald McMillan) (Luis Sanchez Duarte) (Donald McLachlan)
 Heas <heas@maelstrom.Timeplex.COM> (cad user staff) (Eric Wampner ORL)
 "Tanya Herlick" <>
 "Tilford, Wayne" <>
 Ian MacPhedran <> (Elaine Mele)
 Steve Elliott <> (Kohler R. P. (Robert))
 Brent Chivers <> (Mattias Zhabinskiy)
 Ricky <>
 Nate Itkin <>
 oilean! (Joe McGuckin)
 Kambiz Aghaiepour <> (Jochen Bern) (Thomas Koetter) (Mark S. Anderson)
 James Guyton <> (Sean Ward) (Kevin Sheehan {Consulting Poster Child}) (John Louie) (Paul Roland)
 raoul@MIT.EDU (Michael Seeger) (Perry Hutchison) (Ilkka Virtanen) (Andreas Schroeder) (Paulo Licio de Geus)
 Kai Grossjohann <> (Bob Rutherford 965-0546)
 Dave Fetrow <>
 Dan Stromberg - OAC-CSG <>


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