SUMMARY: logging boot errors

From: Tanya Herlick (
Date: Thu Feb 23 1995 - 23:58:45 CST

Original question:

> I need to capture in a file some errors that show on the console
> during booting *long* before syslogd starts up.

Most people replied that dmesg would do this as it accesses the kernel
message buffer and not syslog info. Unfortunately, the messages scrolled
and scrolled so while this was somewhat helpful, I didn't get to save
the earliest messages, but what i got was sufficient.

A couple of people suggested hooking up a printer to the console port.
This would probably have been the best solution if I'd had a printer
to hook up to it.

One person suggested redirecting output and error from some of the
rc scripts.

One person suggested halting the boot for 10 seconds twice during
start up giving a chance to write down the error messages(?). LIke

root# echo "sleep 10" > /etc/init.d/sleep
root# ln /etc/init.d /etc/rc2.d/S50sleep
root# ln /etc/init.d /etc/rc2.d/S99sleep

Thanks to everyone who replied:
Lenny Turetsky <> (Einar Indridason) (Jochen Bern)
matt@uts.EDU.AU (Jas (Matthew K) (John Hearns - System Manager) (David B. Brown)
Alexander Haiut <> (Josh Personius) (Judi Connelly)

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