SUMMARY: how to read 8mm Data General tape

From: Cindy Yoho (
Date: Thu Feb 23 1995 - 00:10:31 CST

Thanks for the quick response from everyone. My solution was the same as
the previous summary I had so foolishly deleted :). Used /usr/ucb/tcopy to
determine block size, then tar was able to read the tape. Apparently tar
cannot automatically determine the block size during extraction if the tape
is created on a non-UNIX machine. (My tape was created using tar, I found out

Special thanks to the following: (Mark J O'reilly) (David Procter) (Steve Elliot) (Bruce L. Harrell) (Bismark Espinoza)

Original question:

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>Hi folks,
>I was just handed an 8mm tape that was supposedly made on a Data General non-
>UNIX system. The attached piece of paper with the list of files supposedly
>on the tape looks like a listing from an AOS/VS system (DG's proprietary OS).
>Does anyone out there have any ideas on how to read the data on this tape?
>Most of the file types in the list are TXT (text) with a few UNX (UNIX)
>and a few UDF (User Defined Files). I have a Sparc 490 running 4.1.3 with
>and 8mm drive on it, but could use some help figuring out what to use to
>read this one. Anyone ever done this before? I seem to recall a similar
>question about reading a tape of unknown format on this list recently, but
>of course I didn't need it then, so I didn't save it :-). I did search the
>archives, but didn't come up with anything. If someone still has that summary
>and could forward it I`d appreciate it. Any other ideas are welcome, also.

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