SUMMARY: SunNetManagers forum?

From: Evgeny Kachurow (
Date: Mon Feb 20 1995 - 08:36:23 CST


some days ago I posted a question about SunNetManagers forum. Here is a
summary of the responses I received (my original qustion on the end this

How about:

To subscribe, send a mail (no subject) with body

subscribe <your e-mail> <Your realname>

to the following address:
          (note this one)

Send a mail to with no subject and

        subscribe snm-people <your name>

in the body. For Information about the listproc server send with 'help' in
the body...

If you wish to subscribe to snm-people, send a message to
listproc@zippy.Telcom.Arizona.EDU with no subject, containing only the words:

    subscribe snm-people Evgeny Kachurow
There is a mail list:

send request to for list


Markus Storm (
Juergen Peus (
Dirk Boenning (
Steve Pomush ( (Sanacori Antonino)

My original question:

>From: (Evgeny Kachurow)
>Subject: SunNetManagers forum?
>Hi, managers!
>I have some problems with SunNetManagers v.2.2 under Solaris 2.3.
>I can't found forum about SunNetManager. It exist or no?
>If yes, please tell me how I subscribe to?
Evgeny Kachurow
Inkombank communication division
Network management group
Moscow, Russia

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