SUMMARY - Escaping "From " in a mail body

From: Mick Morgan (
Date: Sat Feb 18 1995 - 13:10:25 CST

Original request was:
I am running a POP3 daemon on a SS5 with Solaris 2.3.

My problem is that mail messages containing the word "from" at the
beginning of a line are chopped up and the line containing the "from"
is thrown into the bit bucket. (I know the mailboxes are From<space>
delimited )

I have tried setting the "E" flag in the Flags field for all the
mailers identified in my to (supposedly) escape the from
in the body message - no joy.

/bin/mail has no problem reading the mailboxes - only the POP clients.
I have tried telnet to port 110 just to make sure that the client
software (Eudora) was not at fault. It isn't.

I can't be alone in this. Anybody else solved it? Even a pointer to
an FAQ (and I have looked) covering the point would help.
End of original post

Thanks for responses to:

"Rick H. Wesson" <>
"Michael (M.A.) Meystel" <MEYSTMA%DUVM.BitNet@pucc.PRINCETON.EDU> (Sue Rodger- IP Administrator) (Kevin Sheehan {Consulting Poster Child})
Robert Sargent <sargent@SGT.COM>

General opinion seems to be that Sun's sendmail is broken - get another
one. But the solution came from the summary of another post.

Special thanks for the solution (inadvertently!) to:

Roger Spaulding <>

His summary of a reply to a request for information lead me to checking
out the Berkely POP server version 1.831. It compiled no trouble and cured
the problem.

But I STILL can't get sendmail to accept the E flag to my mailer. I
am checking out other versions.



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