SUMMARY: A package that can send faxes from a workstation

From: Jackie Rosinsky (
Date: Fri Feb 17 1995 - 20:22:31 CST

First I would like to thank everyone that responded, it was wonderful.
My origianl posting was:
> I am looking for a package that will enable us to send faxes right
> from a workstation over the modem. I only need to send faxes from
> one SUN workstation (SPARCstation 20) that is running Solaris 2.3.
> I would like to be able to send postscript files as faxes.
> If anyone has used any package or knows of a package I really would
> appreciate hearing from you.

We have decided to test IsoFax first. They are sending me a evaluation

Below are a few of the great responds I received:

1) IsoFax - by Bristol Group at (415)925-9250. (Most often suggested)

2) Flexfax (new name HylaFax). - flexfax mailing list and www site with FAQ and other info.

3) Perfect FAX from Perfect Byte

Good stuff, will do what you want, good support.

  Ronald Stamp
  Distributed Systems BHNSM
  NYS Dept. of Health
  Albany, NY 12237

4) Try getting and compiling fax-3.2.1.tar.gz from

5) A package called mgetty.

6) HeliosCOM+ Release 2.0.2c
                              Helios Systems
                            1996 Lundy Avenue
                            San Jose, CA 95131
                             1 (408) 432-0292
                             1 (800) 366-0283
7) Replix

8) gnufax

I will like to thank Jacob for his great respond listed below:

Product: FaxFX (C/S - for the client-server version)
Company: Devcom Mid-America, Inc.
Street: 2603 W. 22nd St., Suite 23
City: Oak Brook, Illinois 60521
Country: USA
Phone: +1 (708)574-3600
Fax: +1 (708)572-0508
Email: uunet!devcom!fax-info
Price: $6000 (10 concurrent users - Unix only)
Servers: DG Aviion, DEC Alpha & Mips, HP9000, IBM RS/6000, Interactive Unix,
         88open, Motorola Delta, NCR, SCO Unix, SunOS 4.1.3, Solaris 2.X,
         Unisys, Unixware
Clients: Same as Servers + PC's (Windows, NT, OS/2) + Mac's
Extras: -
Notes: We are currently testing this product in version 1.3 - version 2.0
         will be released any day. I think that this product works OK!

Product: PerfectFAX
Company: PERFECT BYTE, Inc.
Street: 909 North 96th. Street
City: Omaha
State: Nebraska 68114
Country: USA
Phone: +1 (402)384-1122
Fax: +1 (402)398-1938
Price: ?
Servers: Sun Sparc
Clients: Same as Servers + PC's and Mac's
Extras: -
Notes: -

Product: IsoFax
Company: The Bristol Group, Ltd.
Street: 100 Larkspur Landing Circle, Suite 200
City: Larkspur
State: Califonia 94939
Country: USA
Phone: +1 (415)925-9250
Fax: +1 (415)925-9278
Email: jim@tiburon (Jim Perez)
Price: $6435 (6 Unix users and 10 PC users) incl. modem
Servers: Sun Sparc, HP, IBM RS/6000
Clients: Same as Servers + PC's
Extras: -
Notes: -

Product: TruFax
Company: COS, Inc.
Street: 9 Huron Way
City: Lawrencevill
State: NJ
Country: USA
Phone: +1 (609)771-6705
Fax: +1 (609)530-0898
Email: uunet!cosi!trufax
Price: $319 per computer (386)
Servers: 386 with UNIX/XENIX, IBM RS/6000, Sun Sparc, DG, 88open, AT&T 3B2,
Clients: Same as Servers
Extras: -
Notes: -

Product: Ceemore
Company: Ceemore Ltd.
Street: 12 Craufurd Rise
City: Maidenhead
State: Bershire SL6 7LS
Country: England
Phone: +44 (628)773688
Fax: +44 (628)773652
Email: -
Price: 4500 UK Pounds (100 users)
Servers: Any UNIX system (they port it while you wait)
Clients: Any UNIX system + PC's with TCP/IP
Extras: Telex and email capabable
Notes: We were not able to install it succesfully on a Solaris 2.3 platform

Product: VSI-Fax
Company: V-Systems, Inc.
Street: 32232 Paseo Adelanto, Suite 100
City: Sna Juan Capistrano
State: Califonia 92675
Country: USA
Phone: +1 (714)489-8778
Fax: +1 (714)489-2486
Email: -
Price: ?
Servers: Solaris 2.x, SCO + more
Clients: ?
Extras: -
Notes: -

Product: XpressFax
Company: Andataco
Street: 10140 Mesa Rim Road
City: San Diego
State: Califonia 92121
Country: USA
Phone: +1 (619)453-9191
Fax: +1 (619)453-9294
Price: $695 - 5 users
Servers: HPUX, SunOS 4.1.3, Solaris 2.X
Clients: Same as Servers + PC's and Mac's with Unix print capabilities
Extras: Xerox OCR auto routing engine included
Notes: -

Product: FlexFAX/HylaFAX
Company: Silicon Graphics Inc.
State: Calinonia
Country: USA
Price: Free
Server: Compile-U-self - precompiled for SGI workstations

Product: GNU NetFax
Company: FSF
City: Boston
State: Mass
Country: USA
Price: Free
Server: Compiler-U-self
Notes: FTP from your prefered gnu ftp site as fax-3.2.1.tar.gz

I have the fax faq with losts of informations so if you want it just let me

Disclamer: I do not guarentee that the provided information is correct or that
           the products listed are of good quality.

I have written a requirement spec for our fax system. I will forward it to you
if you are interested.

One person told me this was already a Summary from 10-Nov-93

        =========== Original posting ===============

As i can see, not that many talks about FAX on SUN machine.

Let's evaluate available packages and modems.

I am currently using Clarity Rapport and can share some experience and tips.

Considering other alternatives, i am asking everybody who has and uses

(or used to use) anything related to faxing from SUN to share their ideas and


I will definetly summarize.

Thanx in advance.


Maybe this will be a premature summary, but almost 2 months

passed since my posting regarding Fax software on SUN.

I did get a lot of responses and definetly have to summarise.
In our company people use workstations mainly for word procesing and

all kind of e-mail including Faxing.

We receive about 100 faxes per day and send about 50.

We do have an integrated package called Clarity Rapport from

Clarity software and before disconnecting Fax machines and switching

this service to the SPARCserver 670MP with 2 MultiTech 1432BA modems

i had little or no headaches at all.

The problems started with the FAX load.

A lot of garbled inbound faxes and once a day hanging fax server

forced me to look out for alternatives.

I did find a package which i think is best.

It has a few important good things:
- build around client-server architecture

- multiple lines support

- data/fax sharing

- polled retrieval of facsimile

- wide variety of Class 1 and Class 2 fax modems

- mailing list

But the most important one - the source code is available and it's free.

Someone may consider a few aspects as a negative ones.

- compiling

- only command line ( althought there are few independent GUI interfaces )

- some other PD packages invloved

As i mentioned, i still testing it and so far have no complains or problems

I did not installed it in place of the former package and realy can't compare

them ( the load is not sufficient yet)

* FlexFAX (a free package from, source included)

...excellent results using a ZyXEL 1496E modem...runs pretty much

   "out of the box".

...It seems very flexible, and reliable.ZyXEL U-1496E+

...It took a bit of tweaking, but it works great.

...excelent and free... fine for us. The price is right too!

* IsoFax from "The Bristol Group Ltd."

...Isofax (Bristol), Replix, Corporate Fax, and Express Fax (GNP).

   Of the four, Isofax was clearly the winner in terms of features,

   ease of use, set up and administration...although pricy...some unexpected

   bugs related to converting landscape postscript and imbedded command line

   faxing of documents from withing our in-house developed applications...

   place my recommendation for Isofax, no question about it.

...It works pretty good. it and I have had very few problems with the combination
...very straight forward to setup and required next to nothing in terms

   of hacking system files to get it working

...satisfied with it, and are going to get more licensenses...*much*

   better than transmission between normal FAX machines...administration

   is fairly easy...command-line modus and in X...Replix comes also on PC's

...really nice interface for OpenWindows... most all of the features...

* REplix from SoftLinx (spun out from Samsung Software)

... find it real good

* Perfect Fax from Perfect Byte Inc.

...The software has been reliable and well supported

* MIT media lab's "netfax"

...quite satifactory...sent over 21,000 faxes this way so far...would

   be nice if incoming faxes could be spooled and easily adjudicated

   on-line...the modem the software was written for is no longer


* V-Systems VSIFAX version 2.0 with the FxScript (Postscript) rasterizer works well...low system maintenance
* XpressFax

...does what you're looking for...GUI is OpenLook, but Motif is in the works

* FAQ for comp.dcom.fax

...perfect little dream the kind that hurts the most

-Misha Pavlov.

Systems & Network Administrator

Trans Ocean Express Ltd.

425 Park Ave. 22nd Fl, New York, NY 10022

+1 212 486-0008


Again Thanks,

Jackie Rosinsky

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