SUMMARY: What is a SPECrate, really?

From: SJ Higa (
Date: Fri Feb 17 1995 - 14:23:52 CST


> I've been asked by my manager to explain what a SPECrate is. All
> I know is that it's a widely used benchmark that applies to multi-
> processing systems and that as usual with benchmarks "Bigger is
> Better". But what in fact is a SPECrate? I'm hoping someone out
> there can enlighten me as to what this thing actually measures
> and what factors (CPU speed, disk access, etc.) are used to produce
> this supposedly meaningful single number.


Thanks to all respondents, especially to Victor Fieldhouse for sending
me a copy of the SPEC FAQ. This can be retrieved by anonymous ftp
(file:// Anyone wanting information
on SPEC would do well to begin with the FAQ. Basically, the SPECrate
int and fp are produced from a suite of benchmarks which are
themselves measures of CPU, memory, and compiler code generation
performance. Disk and other I/O effects are negligible factors.

THANKS TO: (Victor Fieldhouse) (Ayrton Sargusingh) (Kevin Sheehan {Consulting Poster Child})
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