SUMMARY: shutdown-proc: table full

From: Kevin A. Noll (
Date: Thu Feb 16 1995 - 03:39:17 CST

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Can anyone tell me how to fix this?

SunOS 4.1.3_U1

100192-02 101440-01
100444-58 101455-01
100448-02 101461-02
100452-61 101561-02
100478-01 101579-01
100492-10 101587-01
100802-01 101592-01
101434-03 101618-01
101436-02 101665-02

When I run

%shutdown now

the machine will appear to be thinking about it, and then the message

proc: table full

will start displaying. I can hit <CNTL><C> and the shutdown is stopped
and the system will work normally. halt and reboot work fine.

I have 20 machines configured approximately the same and they
all have this problem.

I have thought about trying to increase the process table size, but
I dont exactly know how (RTFM right?), and I cannot see why it would
be too small to begin with, as this happens even if the machine has
not been used at all (i.e. I can reboot and the immediately try shutdown
and I get the same thing...)

things that make you go 'hmmmmmmmmm...'



Thanks to Ray Brownrigg <>

Who hit the nail right on the head! I had written a script (called shutdown)
that did some maintenance activities before actually shutting
down the system and it was calling itself instead of the renamed
shutdown binary.

Next time I'll look a little bit closer ;-)

Thanks, also, to:

heldesc!colinm (Colin Maytum) (Jochen Bern)
Tom Orban <> (Michael Barto) (Mark E Grannen)

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