SUMMARY: inetd error cannot register services

From: Chuan Fu (
Date: Mon Feb 13 1995 - 17:15:32 CST

The original problem:
} Subject: inet error cannot register services
} Sun Managers,
} When I rebooted one of our machine running SunOS 4.1 today. I keep on
} getting inetd error cannot register services: rpc, timed out.
} I checked that portmapper is running and just for good measures, I killed
} the portmap process and restarted manually.
} When I did a rpcinfo -p, all I get are two lines for portmapper. No other
} rpc services are shown.

The solution:

I replaced the libresolv.a file. and restarted the daemons. Everything
worked. The lesson that I learned was that rpc and route will not work if
DNS is not working properly.

My thanks to the following people for their good suggestions.

Don "Truck" Lewis
Ragnar Lonn

Sol Tec, Inc.

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