SUMMARY: mount: ... RPC: unknown host

From: Michael Fuller (
Date: Mon Feb 13 1995 - 21:58:31 CST

Original problem:
Mount failed to resolve a machine name that was present in /etc/hosts.
The system concerned had the resolv+ libraries installed, and was using
DNS for name resolution. It was also running as an NIS client.

Most responses noted that mount is statically linked and therefore
would only attempt to locate the machine in the NIS hosts maps.

The solution therefore is either to ensure that the machine is present
in the NIS hosts map, or to replace mount with a dynamically linked
version that would use the updated

Useful responses regarding /etc/hosts and the NIS hosts map:
From: Lars Viklund <>
> Yes, but /etc/hosts isn't used if NIS is running.
> Do you have the machine in the hosts NIS map?

From: jblows@csaadel.adl.csa.oz (Jeff Blows)
> I think this is the key. You are using NIS. make sure that the host is in
> the NIS maps. use "ypcat hosts" to do this. If you are on the NIS server make
> sure you have done a make in /var/yp.

Pointers to dynamically-linked versions of mount:
From: Robert Montjoy <>
> You will need to get a non-statically linked mount command.
> One is available from in ~ft/pub/sun-faq/Source

From: (Alain Brossard EPFL-SIC/SII)
> mount (and rcp) are staticaly linked, hence your changes to are
> not taken into account. I've provided, for years, a version of those
> two programs which are dynamically linked from 4.1.2 sources. They work
> for 4.1.2, 4.1.3 and 4.1.3_U1, not tested for 4.1.4.

The following also contributed advice:
From: Richard Bainter (Pug) <>
From: Alan Clegg <>
From: Woobin Lee <>

Thanks to all who responded; your help is much appreciated.

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