SUMMARY: Nameserver with 2 zones ??

From: Guenter Millahn (
Date: Fri Feb 10 1995 - 20:57:02 CST

Hello Managers,

here is the summary for my request. First, let me thank all people who
answered (in resversed temporal order):
From: (Mick Morgan)
From: (Jochen Bern)
From: David Deaves <>
From: (Roland Kaltefleiter)
From: Jon Howell <>
From: (Bismark Espinoza)
From: Andy Mitchell <>
From: (David B. Brown)
From: Bob Hoffman <>

My orig question was this:
> I have a problem regarding to the installation of our new BIND server.
> Our old domain name is Informatik.TU-Cottbus.DE. For some reasons, we
> want to rename our domain to CS.TU-Cottbus.DE.
> For incoming telnet requests, mails etc. the server should be able to
> map Informatik.TU-Cottbus.DE request to CS.TU-Cottbus.DE.
> Does anybody know a solution for that problem??

There were 2 solutions suggested:

1. To have these entries in named.boot:

directory /opt/named/etc ; or whatever you want
primary CS.TU-Cottbus.DE db.CS
primary Informatik.TU-Cottbus.DE db.CS
primary db.141.43.3
primary db.127.0.0
cache . db.cache

2. To have an entry in TU-Cottbus.DE's named database:

Informatik IN CNAME CS.TU-Cottbus.DE.

We decided to choose the 2nd way.

Kindest regards, Guenter

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