Summary : Netgroup Limits.

From: Curtis Overall (
Date: Fri Feb 10 1995 - 17:49:56 CST

I apologize for having taken so long sending this out but I wanted
to make sure we had it all working before I sent it out.

The original question was :
> I am setting up somo rather monsterous netgroup
> files and am receiveng the following message during the make :
> make netgroup
> entry too big
> problem storing
> Then the make dies. Does anyone know the limits to netgroup?
> It appears to be character limited not simply entry limits.
> Thanks in advance,
> Curtis B. Overall

 The answer is, as many knew, that there is a 1024 limit/netgroup. Therefore
I was forced to to break my groups down to small subnets. This in turn led into
the next problem. The total number of netgroups may not exceed 1024.
Example :
 Netgroup1 (host1,,) (host2,,) (host3,,) ..... <=== This may not exceed 1024
 Netgroup2 (host1,,) (host2,,) (host3,,) ....
 Netgroup3 (host1,,) (host2,,) (host3,,) .....

Bignetgroup Netgroup1 Netgroup2 Netgroup3 <=== This ALSO may not exceed 1024

It really does not matter how yoou break down all your subnets, the final
one cannot >1024 . The moral of the story is keep it as simple as possible.
Though it is nice to have nice clear names, you have to use the space as
efficiently as possible..slim and trim.

Thank you to all those that responded, especially Hal Stern at sun.

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