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Thanks extended to all who responded on this issue. Gives me MANY different
versions to evaulate. We are still waiting for our h/w to arrive so aren't sure
what we will use yet but here are all the responses I received.

Again, thanks to all who responded!!

Greg Roberts

Original Question:
> Could someone please point me quickly in the right direction.
> We have SS5 running trading applications that the users wish to be able to
> access from home via PC's. We believe we will use SecurID boxes for security
> but I have no experience with setting up the PPP side of things. Could someone
> plz point me in the right direction as to which PPP and PC s/w is the most
> stable, accepted, etc: 3rd party or PD. Also, where to go to get more info on
> this would be great. Lastly, any general advice would be great.
> Unfortunately, I don't have time the resources to look around the internet
> (we have no access :(. Also, the users would like to know what time frame in
> which we could expect it to be configured - tonight would be acceptable!?)
> Our config:
> SPARCstation 5 running SunOS4.1.3_u1
> Planned SecurID device: ACM/400 4 port asych box
> Modems Telebit T3000
> thanks and summary will follow if interest exists!!
> Greg Roberts
I know some groups use a product called PC-XREMOTE from NCD. It allows
a windows PC to dial in from home as an x session. The product compresses
the X protocol so it runs at an ok speed, (i.e. graphics are a bit slow
but text is ok).

Rob Allan
You might watn to check out our PC-NFSpro product, as it includes a PPP client.

David.Miner@East.Sun.COM (Dave Miner - SolarNet Engineering)
Greg: The easiest and fastest way is to use Hummingbird's eXceedW/Serial.

Dial in from home, no PPP, in fact might even be faster. (Garry D. Robbins)


  I have provided an on-line PPP config COOKBOOK. It is available as follows:

  I'll attach it to this note for you. If you provide a summary to the net,
feel free to mention the http site.

Have fun!!

-- Dave
"Dave Brillhart" <>

        I have been using dp for the past year between an IPC at
home and an IPX at work. It is a nice PD package with both Solaris
1 & 2 versions. It has demand dialing and now has dynamic addressing. There is a national dp mailing list, and the subsciption is like the rest, dplist-request@acn. You can ftp to and get both an archive of the list activity and the tar files for the packages.

Dave Brown (David B. Brown)
        The company I work for (NCD) has a product available for PCs which
will allow them to run Xwindows remotely from a SUN (and most other Unixs).
This product is called PC-Xware and what you are interested in is PC-Xware
Xremote. This product does NOT require PPP or SLIP to work. It uses a
protocol that will be released in X11R6 called LBX (Low Bandwidth X). LBX
was submitted to the consortium by NCD. If you are interested in this,
please contact our PC-X division at (503) 641 2200 or you can e-mail to . The way Xremote works is there is a set of binaries
on the SUN host. When a user logs into the machine, they simply type in
"xinitremote" and their session will switch over to Xremote protocol. The
only issue with this is the communications path between the PC and the SUN
must be a clear channel. The modems and terminal servers and whatever else
not be setup to allow escape sequences to drop you into a local mode (ie
+++ for the modems and <esc>[ or whatever else for the terminal servers must
be disabled). The reason for this is that Xremote is a raw 8 bit protocol.
There is NO doubt that sooner or later any sequence will be hit. This would
cause Xremote to die in the middle of a user session. Once a clear channel
has been established Xremote works well. It is more effecient than PPP and
MUCH more effecient that SLIP.

Good Luck
Bilbo (Bilbo)
We use both Morningstar PPP software on a Sun 4.1.3 server and Synoptics
3395A ethernet terminal/PPP server software. On the PC PPP client side
either Wollongong Pathway Access 3.1 or NetManage Chameleon 4.0 should do
the trick. Good luck. (By the way, we currently use Microcom V.Fast Modems
(28.8K) and they work great w/ compression.).

"Peter A. Starceski" <>
ppp-2.1.2 or dp-3.1.2 both work just great. I'd get a copy of the
Firewalls and Internet Security (Bill Cheswick, dunno which publisher) book
and read it first...

                l & h,
                kev (Kevin Sheehan {Consulting Poster Child})
I'm running ppp from linux on a ppp box. ppp is fairly easy to set up.
According to the docs pppd can act as both client and server. From my
linux box this is the command I issue:
/usr/etc/pppd connect '/usr/etc/chat -v "" ATDT5551212 CONNECT "" : ppp'
I put this in a shell script and I suggest you do too.
Next you need to modify the /etc/ppp/options file:

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