SUMMARY: wu-ftpd "site" command vs.suns

From: Anne Kilarjian (
Date: Fri Feb 03 1995 - 19:47:03 CST

Thanks for the quick responses from:
"J. Philip Miller" <>

Using the Sun client you need to precede the site command with
the "quote" command, i.e.

ftp>quote site group whatever

The quote command passes the arguments to the ftp server.
It's documented in the man page.

Anne Kilarjian

Original query:

Hi all -
I recently installed the wu-archive ftpd on our dept ftp server,
and set up ftpgroups to make use of the "site group" command
for limited access to dirs under the ftp root dir. It works fine
from the SGIs and VAXes I have access to, and from my Sun
which has a non-Sun ftp client installed on it -
imagine what an unhappy surprise it was when it didn't work from
any other sun workstation in the dept - I found that when you
ftp from a Sun to a site with this daemon and issue a "?"
command a bunch of the extended features, including site,
are missimg -

I can't be the first one bitten by this, anyone know of a
work-around? I'll summarize -

Anne Kilarjian

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