SUMMARY snmp-daemons

From: Geert Touquet (
Date: Fri Feb 03 1995 - 02:33:41 CST


The result off my quest for snmp-daemons was succesfull.

I got several replies and after 'ftping', compiling and testing
several different solutions and decided to stick with this.

For SunOS : the snmp found in ISODE8.0
        easy to find with archie
For Solaris : the Solaris patch of th cmu-package(cmu-snmp-2.1.2)
        difficult to find with archie
        (I got a copy from a friendly person in the US)

Kind regards

        Geert Touquet

Thanks to : Mario Battu
            Tomasz Wolniewicz
            Paulo Roberto Werneck de Capistrano
            John Justin Hough
            Juan Carlos Barrou
            Ron van Riet
Me too : Ying-Meei Chew
         Beat Heggli

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