SUMMARY: Sparc5 Audio problem

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Date: Fri Jan 27 1995 - 03:16:33 CST

Hell all!

As usual the responses have been wonderfully speedy!
The consensus for the most part is a suggestion to
apply the patch ms2 from the install CD-ROM. Other
suggestions included patch 101508-06 (including an
attachement!), a suggestion that perhaps the audio
was disabled in the kernal, and making sure that an
external speaker is connected to the box.

I have forwarded these suggestions to my colleage who
will, in turn, forward them to his sys admin.

Thanks especially to the following people and to all
whose help crosses this note. (Pierrick Pinasseau)
Alexander Haiut <> ( Patrick Pawlak )
Gerry Dunnion <>
Tom Orban <>
admin@maryanne.UCSD.EDU (System Administrator) (Matt Marlow)
mad@suned1.Nswses.Navy.Mil (Michael A McDevitt)
Brett M Hogden <>

the original post was...

----- Begin Included Message -----

Alright, here is the problem...

When play is invoked (or when an audio file is cat'ed to /dev/audio), the
following error message is returned:
play: error opening /dev/audio: No such dice

A directory listing of /dev reveals the following setup:

crw-rw-rw- 1 root staff 69, 0 Oct 4 17:19 /dev/audio
crw-rw-rw- 1 root staff 69, 1 Oct 4 17:19 /dev/audioctl

Also, doing a file on each of these reveals:

/dev/audio: character special (69/0)
/dev/audioctl: character special (69/1)

This is running on a Sparc 5 under Sun OS 4.1.3. All the Sparc 5's at this
sitare experiencing identical problems, even after rebooting and immediately
trying to use audio. Aside from this, the bell still sounds when mail arrives
or when I try to backspace too far in an xterm.

Any assistance would be welcome in trying to restore audio capabilities.

==========================end original query=============================

Again, thanks for all the help!


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