SUMMARY: Config a dial in / out modem.

From: 主任 Wang (
Date: Thu Jan 26 1995 - 22:31:34 CST

Recently I post a question about setting
dial in/out modem in Sun.
The problem was that the dial out line
locked by the dial in device.

I received many responses in just one day.
Thanks for all the people who response my
post so quickly.I fixed the problem.

Here is the summary:

1) modem is responding to getty's having printed a login prompt...,
which the modem does not understand,
this is causing getty to loop and hold ttyd0
turn off echo on the modem (ATE0 in hayes compatible)

2) use the hardware carrier detect,
/usr/etc/ttysoftcar -n /dev/ttyd0
and reconfig the kernel change the zs0 flag to 2,1 or 0

3) Using eeprom, set ttyb-ignore-cd=false
turn off soft carrier on ttyd0 (look 2)

4) reprogramming the modem, let modem only
raises carrier detect (CD), when there is a dialin
in hayes-compatible command is AT&C1.

5) NO dial out device should list in the /etc/ttytab file.

Also on solaris 2.x, check out PPP cookbook at (thanks for Dave Brillhart)

Special thank goes to the following people:

Dave Brillhart <>
Heas <heas@maelstrom.Timeplex.COM>
Buddy Mecca <>
Celeste Stokely <>
chris habasinski<>
Dave Haut <>
David Weitzel <>
Bryan Curnutt <>
I love the sun-manager mailing list.
Thanks again!


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