SUMMARY: SLIP monitoring

From: Operator (
Date: Tue Jan 24 1995 - 07:33:19 CST

       Dear Sunmanagers

Sorry for very delayed answer but I was out for quite a long time.
I've asked about SLIP monitoring software. I've received two answer
which I include below.

From: Pete Shipley <>

What slip package are you useing? the one I have has a command called
slstats(8) and slinfo(8). I can also use tcpdump to watch the packets
if need be.

I am runing cslip-2.7 from on SunOS 4.1.3u1

From: (Edward C. Zimmermann)

Use slstats (if using cslip) or better netramet.

The orginal question below:

>From Wed Dec 14 19:02:18 1994

> Dear SunManagers,
> We are looking for SLIP basic monitoring software. We have one phone line
> connecting us to the outer world and we'd like to know how many bytes
> were transferred in the given period of time and to and from which hosts in
> our LAN.
> Thanks in advance
> Piotr F. Bialokoziewicz - system administrator

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