SUMMARY: "df" doesn't work on Solaris 2.3

From: Richard Czech (
Date: Sun Jan 22 1995 - 14:00:09 CST

>In article <3f6dts$>, Richard Czech <> wrote:
>>It seems that the command "df" doesn't work on file systems which
>>are automounted from the local host. The result is always
>> Could not find mount point for .

I received a few answers telling me about problems with lofs file
systems. Some people sent me answers telling me that they don't have
this problem. So I took a closer look at it and found the reason for
our symptom.

For each entry in the auto.vol map we created a symbolic link in the
server's /export/vol directory, and we used this link in the
auto.vol map, e.g.:

   % cd /export/vol
   % ls -l X11R5
   X11R5 -> /files2/X11R5
   % grep X11R5 /etc/auto.vol
   X11R5 borneo:/export/vol/X11R5

So we didn't use the actual directory in auto.vol, but the symbolic
link. This was done for historical reasons... This works without any
problems, except the df problem given above.

We now changed our entries in the automounter maps to refer to the
actual directories, e.g.

   X11R5 borneo:/files2/X11R5

and now "df ." works again.

So our problem was mounting FROM a symbolic link. On the SunSolve CD
I found a bug description about the same problem when mounting ONTO a
symbolic link. So it seems that there's a general problem in using
symbolic links for automounts.

Thanks to all who replied.

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