SUMMARY: Unable to have 'disk' as default boot device on Sparc 1000

From: David Harnick-Shapiro (david@binky.ICS.UCI.EDU)
Date: Sat Jan 21 1995 - 02:46:13 CST

On Tue, 17 Jan 1995, my original posting read:

> Our SPARCserver 1000 (running "Kernel version: SunOS 5.3 Generic
> 101318-42 April 1994", though I wouldn't think that would matter)
> insists on trying to boot off the net when it reboots. The prom
> settings look right to me:
> diag-switch?=false
> boot-device=disk
> but the only way I can get it to boot off its local disk is by
> typing "boot disk" at the prom monitor.
> Can anyone tell me what I'm missing? Is this something I'd know
> about if I were able to keep up in my reading of this list? :-)

First prize goes to Hans-Joerg Leodolter <>
and Susan Menig <> who both had the
solution to our particular problem: the key switch on the front of
the box was in the diagnostic position. (Geez, am I embarrassed.)

Fixing that problem uncovered another: our "boot-file" was wrong.
It seems "boot-file" is not used in diagnostic mode, so typing
"boot disk" at the prom prompt uses the default, and boots without
problem. When we switched to normal mode, our bad boot-file caused
the boot to fail. BTW, the correct value for boot-file (for us, and
I assume all standard Solaris 2 machines) is "/kernel/unix". Special
thanks to who not not only looked up
things in the OpenBoot manual, but phoned in addition to emailing.
(Oh, okay -- he's a friend of mine, so I guess it's not really that
special :-) The OpenBoot manual, by the way, is an after-market
product, not standard documentation, but it sounds like it might be
worth getting.

Several people mentioned running into my original problem; the most
frequent workaround was to set "diag-device" to "disk". (I wanted
to avoid that because we sometimes use diag booting when local disks
fail, but others may find this useful.)

Other things mentioned were:
  - run the OpenBoot prom "reset" command after changing settings
in the prom
  - make sure "mfg-switch?" (as well as "diag-switch?") is set to
false, and that "auto-boot?" is true
  - check "use-nvramrc?"; if it's true, check the value of
"nvramrc" (and consider turning off "use-nvramrc?" during testing)
  - check for typos (especially spaces) in the "boot-device" value

Thanks again to all who made sun-managers such a wonderful resource:

Marc Jolly - Uniq Professional Services <>
Ron Spillane <>
Syed Zaeem Hosain <>
Serkan Cil <>
Peter Samuel <>
Ray Brownrigg <>
Mike Bennett <>
Hans-Joerg Leodolter <>
Bart Janssens - Sun Belgium/CS <>
Susan Menig <>
"Michael (M.A.) Meystel" <>
"Paul E. Silun" <>
Herbert 't Hoen <>
Robert Tag <>

David Harnick-Shapiro Support Group, Department of
                      Information and Computer Science ucbvax!ucivax!david
                      University of California, Irvine

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