SUMMARY: screenblank for solaris

From: Steve Salvini (
Date: Fri Jan 20 1995 - 04:20:06 CST

I asked:
>Can someone 'remind' me what is the Solaris equivalent of
>/usr/bin/screenblank under SunOS4.X?

The consensus is that there is no equivalent bundled with Solaris.
However, the SunOS4.X binary works fine so all you need do is copy it
in to /opt/local/bin (for example) and then create a file
/etc/rc2.d/S95screenblank with only this as the contents:


Many people suggested variations on this:

        xset s blank
        xset s 600

This will do the screen blank while you are in X but not once you get
out of X which isn't really much use if you neither run OpenWindows nor
leave yourself logged in in forever :-)

A few people pointed out that this is in the FAQ which I did skim
before mailing but I was obviously not very thorough in my checking.
Many apologies for upping the frequency of the asking :-(

Finally, many thanks to everyone who replied all 46 of you!


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