SUMMARY: dump arguments for Exabyte 8505

From: Dan Saul (
Date: Fri Jan 20 1995 - 03:56:39 CST

>We are in the process of upgrading the backup device on our Sparc 10 server from
>an Exabyte 8500 device to an Exabyte 8505. We are running SunOS 4.1.3. Can
>anyone advise me on the proper arguments for the dump command line for:
> d (bpi)
> s (size, both with 112m and 160m tapes)
> b (blocking factor)
>The vendor's documentation does not contain this information.

The only consensus was for a blocking factor of 126. Recommendations for
density ranged from 28633 to 108000 or let it default. Recommendations for size
range from 23000 to 165000.

One reply stated that I should get some real backup software like Legato. That
is probably what I should do but this years' budget won't allow that.

I will use Andataco's recommendations for now and see how things work.

Thanks, everyone, for your help!


>From vendor (Andataco,

> d 108000
> s 68000 (112m) or 97000 (160m)
> b 126
>Also remember that alot of the dump command parameters are somewhat arbitrary
>for instance the length, so you must always be responsible(at least under 4.1.x)
>for EOM(End of Media).

>From Ted Beatie <>:

> d (bpi) 28633
> s (size, both with 112m and 160m tapes) 23000
> b (blocking factor) 126

>From Veselin Terzic <>:


>From dave@solar.exar.COM (dave):

>As far as what dump arguments to use, I use 126 as a block size and 165000 for
>the tape size (for 112m and 160m. I let dump worry about hitting the end of
>the tape ) , and the default for the density.

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