SUMMARY: Disk Quota problem

From: Serkan Cil (
Date: Thu Jan 19 1995 - 00:22:48 CST

The question:

> The home directories of our users resides on a file system which is
> exported to a couple of other SUN workstations. The quota option for
> the mount entry in the server is -by default- on. Also the QUOTA
> option in the kernel is turned on. When I get a report
> of the quotas of the filesystem with "repquota" I see some users
> which seem to be exceeded even their block hard limit but their
> status being "NOT STARTED". I try "quotaon", "quotacheck" for the
> file system repeatedly but nothing changes. Sometimes for some
> of the users it works, that is, the expiration date count is started
> from "7 days" is started but most of time it seems to be "NOT STARTED".
> Why?
> ...
> PS: There are no entries in the repquota report for the old users which
> do not have an user account at the being. I cleared all such garbage
> but nothing changed.

Solutions offered:

>From Mon Jan 9 14:02:23 1995

AS I understand it, this happens when root changes a user's quota, causing
them to be over quota. The 7-day countdown does not start until the user
first starts accessing the disk. Before this time, the timeout is listed
as NOT STARTED. This is so that if (for example) someone's quota is reduced
while they're on holiday, they have 7 days to sort it out from when they get


>From Sun Jan 8 08:53:46 1995

huh.. I got this problem when tried to give quota to user when his current disk usage was more than quota I was giving him.

All I found was to give the user *enough* (more that he uses now) quota, force him to decrease his usage within day-two and then set up smaller quota..


>From Fri Jan 6 18:14:38 1995

Are both machines running rquotad (or rpc.rquotad)? I've noticed this from time to time as well and never found a good answer. It seems like some people go over quota then log off soon, and their time doesn't start until the next time they log in (or you su - to them and touch a junk file to get the timeout started.)

4.1.3 has some problems keeping up with disk use. You can run quotacheck fairly often and/or check into patches: 100965-01 SunOS 4.1.2;4.1.3: quota exceeded console messages misleading 101207-01 SunOS 4.1.3: Using compress/uncompress while over your quota can trash files 101849-01 SunOS 4.1.3: rpc.quotad is very slow on busy NFS servers

Hope this or someone else helps. Usually quota questions don't get much response.

The Solution: -------------

My fault was to assume the "quota" option is being active by default when I don't give any options in fstab. But this is wrong. The file systems are mounted with "noquota" option -by default-. I apologize for bothering you with such a silly mistake. However, even I mount the filesystem with quota option, I still get NOT STARTED messages, and the above answers explicates the reason well.

Thanks to all who responded.


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