SUMMARY: Pioneer DRM604x CDROM with Solaris 2.3

From: Michael Fox (
Date: Thu Jan 12 1995 - 22:22:17 CST

Using the Pioneer DRM-604X (6 disk CD-ROM changer) with Solaris 2.3

I have found the following configuration works on a Sparcstation 2 running
Solaris 2.3


1. Dip switches on back of drive

    1 ON 512 byte sector size
    2 ON SCSI parity check
    3 OFF variable read speed
    4 ON SCSI-2 command set
    5 OFF reserved
    6 OFF enable eject

2. SCSI terminator switch ON (assuming this is at the end of the chain)

3. SCSI ID 6 (see later)


4. Edit the file /kernel/drv/sd.conf to define the 6 disks as logical
units on target 6:
name="sd" class="scsi"
        target=6 lun=0;
name="sd" class="scsi"
        target=6 lun=1;
name="sd" class="scsi"
        target=6 lun=2;
name="sd" class="scsi"
        target=6 lun=3;
name="sd" class="scsi"
        target=6 lun=4;
name="sd" class="scsi"
        target=6 lun=5;

(by default, only the first entry is there)

5. touch /reconfigure

(existence of this file causes device reconfiguration on reboot;
alternatively, type boot -r from the monitor

6. reboot

(you should see messages about the /dev and /devices directories being

7. ignore volume management, edit the file /etc/vfstab to add:

/dev/dsk/c0t6d0s2 - /cdrom/cd0 hsfs - no ro
/dev/dsk/c0t6d1s2 - /cdrom/cd1 hsfs - no ro
/dev/dsk/c0t6d2s2 - /cdrom/cd2 hsfs - no ro
/dev/dsk/c0t6d3s2 - /cdrom/cd3 hsfs - no ro
/dev/dsk/c0t6d4s2 - /cdrom/cd4 hsfs - no ro
/dev/dsk/c0t6d5s2 - /cdrom/cd5 hsfs - no ro

the fourth column (hsfs) is the file system type which may vary; the sixth
column can be set to yes to mount at boot time

don't forget to create the mount points /cdrom/cd0 etc.

8. put in the cd's, and mount whichever ones you want

mount /cdrom/cd1 etc.


 Dieter Becker

 for the information on sd.conf and forcing Solaris to create new device files

Michael Fox	email:	fax: 061-03-412-4905
Spatial Systems Group   Department of Conservation and Natural Resources

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