SUMMARY: /core from login?

From: George McClintock (
Date: Sat Jan 14 1995 - 04:31:30 CST

Our SPARC Server 1000, Solaris2.3, with the recommended patches, and
which runs httpd and gopherd as well as supports many users, dumped
core in /. My indiscrete query encouraged few responses. My humble
apologies... Now, the nightmare continues.

One respondant reported:
> I am not sure what causes this. But it happens once or twice per day
> here. The date on the '/core' file is rarely more than 1 day old
> during the semester. Over the break it is less common.
> The cause is probably a bug in the 'login' code. I have not been
> able to find conditions where I can regularly recreate the problem.
> The SuperSparc processor has more stringent data alignment
> requirements that seem to cause this.

We received the 2.4 11/94 upgrade and installed it including the
patches on the CD. Now, all new users are denied access to the
machine for the first 3 to 20 attempts both remote and at the console.
The telltale sign that a user has correctly typed her password is the
error message: "Login incorrect" and a broken connection. Eventually
the user gains access. (If the user mistypes her password, she is
prompted to login again.) And this in a default Solaris2.4
environment, without C2 or tcp wrappers.

SUN replaced the motherboard and the 2nd SCSI bus/ethernet card. No change.

With Solaris 2.3, the login/password problem occurred, but usually
dumped core. 2.4 hasn't core dumped yet, but the machine is virtually
inaccessible, with 300-500 students arriving in 2 weeks.

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

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